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The following Evelyn texts are downloadable Office 2000 files:

All are transcribed and edited by Guy de la BťdoyŤre. If you use all or part of any of these texts please credit me. Some (marked *) have been published by me in The Writings of John Evelyn for Boydell in 1995 Ė this is the 1664 edition. Please note that this has been adapted from an older and typeset PC format and has therefore some problems with Greek characters and spacing.

 CHARACTER OF ENGLAND.DOC* - Evelynís anonymously-published 1659 invective against Englandís manners compared to those on the Continent * - John Evelynís 1661 tirade against Londonís pollution

MRS GODOLPHIN.DOC- Evelynís curious eulogy of the young woman he became obsessed with. First published 1847* - Evelynís privately-circulated views on what could be done for London after the Great Fire of 1666

MEMOIRES FOR MY GRANDSON.DOC- a booklet prepared by John Evelyn in later life as a guide to estate management for his grandson, afterwards Sir John Evelyn (1st bart) (1682-1763)

PUBLICK Employment preferíd to Solitude- Evelynís 1667 tract in favour of serving the public interest through public employment* - Evelynís 1661 essay on the dangers of falling into foreign fashions


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